Teaching and Tomatoes 

I am a middle school teacher by trade – a major part of my creative life. We prepare for testing, so all my creative works are covered (I use orange paper – a creative color according to color psychology). The saddest part is the removal of student work from our halls – oh so bare now. 

Now about the tomatoes… No work in the craft room or on the business. Time to plant the tomatoes. Bob the boyfriend has been ‘laid up’ with a knee injury, so now is the earliest we’ve been able to get in our garden.  

Tomatoes are the star of our garden! Bob digs the hole, and I plant. My mom taught me. The plants go deep – the deeper the better for root development. I add a little bit of Epsom salts to the soil. 

Since I got home from school at 4:45, we worked until 7. More tomatoes still to be planted along with cucumbers, peppers, and eggplants. Hope there will be room for a row of okra – for cooking and crafting! 

Sorry, too much work for pictures, but I’ll try harder tomorrow. 


Hello world!

This is my very first post.

Shewww! I am working on opening my first Etsy store – carenwithaccreations. About half of my photos are done. I have my story. I’m getting a separate credit card and bank account. Im trying to follow some of the advice from RichMom.com – Renae Christine. She has some really cool YouTube videos!

Glad to have a blog with the same name of my new store! (There will be a blog entry telling the story of mine named Caren with a C.)