When You Use a Computer to Paint…

We had a baby shower for a coworker this week. I wanted to add a little creative touch to the cupcakes. Of course I could have bought some Dollar Tree topper, but why do that when I could create my own.

The invitation was my starting point. (No, I didn’t do this; a talented coworker did.) 

I used the app Aviary to blur the names and then focus in on the picture.
   First I isolated the flower with the bee. This was done by cropping to the flower and therefore eliminating the rest of the invitation.  Next I had to open the program Paint. It’s on most computers, but there are probably smart apps that could be used. I was using a computer.  


Paint was used to erase away all the gray around the flower. Next all I had to do was copy and paste the flower again and again. Using a circle punch would have been ideal. Sadly, I couldn’t find my circle punch, so I had to cut each out by hand. 

Since we were showering a baby girl, I needed more pink. Enter my collection of paper straws (eBay-free shipping) and the assembly can begin. I cut the straws into thirds. The straw was glued between gold card stock paper and the flower.   

Now they were ready for their debut. Cute, coordinated, and of course, creative! Thanks for reading. 



My Future “She Shack” Studio 

It is solved… almost. For some time I have wanted to create a studio space for my jewelry making. Having it in a bedroom in my house has become too much. 

At first I thought about getting a camper to convert. It was fun thinking about that but just wouldn’t work out in my backyard. Next was the idea of having a separate building… That was just too daunting to think about building from ground up. And then my dad and Bob had the best idea ever! (Sounds a little like Goldilocks! Ha!)

A little background about my Bob…  You may not know that Bob the Boyfriend is a landowner. He bought his first house in 1976, and he continued buying until he owned 4 houses and 2 townhouses all contiguous. I bought my house in 1995. Our homes are 3 houses apart, but we met in 2009 after his marriage ended. First our friendship developed. Next came romantic feelings- guess you saw that coming! I had a student ask once about where Bob lives and when I said next door, she said, “That’s a blessing.” And I agree that he is a blessing. 

Now, how does this have anything to do with a new craft studio?? Well, Bob has offered the townhouse next to my house as a space for my studio. Can you believe it?!? Already built! Running water! Electricity! 

There will be some work. We have stored some things that will have to be moved. But that will be nothing!! Sometimes things seem too good to be true. But with Bob that’s not the case. He is good, and he is true. As my friends all say, he’s a keeper. And I’m keeping him! 

Thanks for reading – hope not too sappy.  🙂 

These are some of my favorite ideas to organize my studio. 

P.S. Don’t you like the name She Shack in response to Man Cave?! I do. 

To Resume My Résumé 

Well, I have been working at my school since 1994 — not much need of a résumé until now. The State Department of Education has these positions  -fixed price contract-  to pay for lesson plans. With a May 31st cutoff, I have to get in gear! 

These are some of my students enjoying the most recent creative lesson plan I wrote. Students researched careers and occupations. They didn’t even realize they were researching. They will write résumés just like I will be doing. 

Writing lesson plans is a big part of my job. So I am hoping the State Department will agree.. My sister says I could earn as high as $2500 a quarter. 


Luckily with this well-planned unit, I have the time to fine tune that new résumé. And of course it will need to be creative!   


Thanks fo reading. 

I’m on the Hunt…

The summer creative juices are starting to flow… well, they better be or I don’t know why I’m spending so much time and money on eBay!    

These are just a few of the beads I recently ordered. They are colored turquoise and will make fun happy earrings. The beads should arrive right in time for summer vacation. (And in time for me to clean and organize my craft room – it’s been neglected since losing my mom.) 

I did receive my new credit card for my Etsy account. The push is on. I must admit to taking some time off from photographing earrings but no more. 

Postage and packaging is my next big hurtle. My sister says I have to stand apart in my packaging, so I’ve been toying with different ideas. Nothing is firmed up, but you can be assured it will be creative! Thanks for reading. 

The Flower Moon Blooms

 Tonight is the May full moon. Before Bob the boyfriend, I never even knew that  full moons have names. This full moon is the Flower Moon. (No, I didn’t take this picture – it’s a beauty from the internet.)

Not sure but maybe the full moon helped with the cleaning of my kitchen… My house is off limits to anyone other than Bob! I have much of my mom’s things sitting around. And then I just seen to add to it. As always, I must get organized! Soon my summer vacation will be here, and I will tackle this situation. I’ll have to get creative with storage, usage, or separation. 

Yesterday I enjoyed the almost full moon by meeting some of Bob’s friends. We had such a lovely evening sitting outside with a view of Lake Murrary, tall oak trees, no mosquitoes or flies, cold wine, and great company. There were 6 of us~1/2 retired and 1/2 still working. Oh for the day to come. Then the really creative part of my life will begin. But for now, don’t forget to look at the moon!

Testing & Tomato Pictures

 This week at school, we have had testing-not too creative there. (I’ll have to share some post test thoughts later.) First period lasted from 8:30-1:30 with only 25 minutes for lunch! Now, I like my classes, BUT how do elementary teachers do it!?! Two more days of testing next week and then the struggle to keep focus to May 29 will hit hard.    

As I promised… A couple of garden pictures. Bob posed with the new plants. You might not believe it, but these tomatoes will eventually be taller than Bob – 6’2″.    

What we will do with all that is produced?? Well, haven’t you heard of tomato sandwiches?!? Bob could have one for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  


I’ll be sure to keep updating with all the growth. Notice the black pots? We take big black pots and remove the bottoms. The hole is dug and the pot is dropped in. The tomato is planted deeply with some Epsom salt mixed in. As they grow, dirt will be added as a side dressing to strengthen the stem. 


ALSO the height of the black pot will hold a bucket of water and allow it to really soak in. Pretty creative. 

This year we increased spacing so that should aid in healthier plants. There is more planting to do, and we’re making a couple of raised beds. I’ll keep you updated on our creations . And once we get the garden in, I’ll be more focused again on my Etsy store. Thanks for joining me.