Testing & Tomato Pictures

 This week at school, we have had testing-not too creative there. (I’ll have to share some post test thoughts later.) First period lasted from 8:30-1:30 with only 25 minutes for lunch! Now, I like my classes, BUT how do elementary teachers do it!?! Two more days of testing next week and then the struggle to keep focus to May 29 will hit hard.    

As I promised… A couple of garden pictures. Bob posed with the new plants. You might not believe it, but these tomatoes will eventually be taller than Bob – 6’2″.    

What we will do with all that is produced?? Well, haven’t you heard of tomato sandwiches?!? Bob could have one for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  


I’ll be sure to keep updating with all the growth. Notice the black pots? We take big black pots and remove the bottoms. The hole is dug and the pot is dropped in. The tomato is planted deeply with some Epsom salt mixed in. As they grow, dirt will be added as a side dressing to strengthen the stem. 


ALSO the height of the black pot will hold a bucket of water and allow it to really soak in. Pretty creative. 

This year we increased spacing so that should aid in healthier plants. There is more planting to do, and we’re making a couple of raised beds. I’ll keep you updated on our creations . And once we get the garden in, I’ll be more focused again on my Etsy store. Thanks for joining me. 


3 thoughts on “Testing & Tomato Pictures

  1. What a wonderful project. Sure hope that I will reap the benefits of your hard labor. Oh yes, yours too Bob.


  2. I’m with Bob…a tomato sandwich morning noon and night. Has to be on white bread with mayo salt and pepper. Please remember your June b’day friends.


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