The Flower Moon Blooms

 Tonight is the May full moon. Before Bob the boyfriend, I never even knew that  full moons have names. This full moon is the Flower Moon. (No, I didn’t take this picture – it’s a beauty from the internet.)

Not sure but maybe the full moon helped with the cleaning of my kitchen… My house is off limits to anyone other than Bob! I have much of my mom’s things sitting around. And then I just seen to add to it. As always, I must get organized! Soon my summer vacation will be here, and I will tackle this situation. I’ll have to get creative with storage, usage, or separation. 

Yesterday I enjoyed the almost full moon by meeting some of Bob’s friends. We had such a lovely evening sitting outside with a view of Lake Murrary, tall oak trees, no mosquitoes or flies, cold wine, and great company. There were 6 of us~1/2 retired and 1/2 still working. Oh for the day to come. Then the really creative part of my life will begin. But for now, don’t forget to look at the moon!


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