My Future “She Shack” Studio 

It is solved… almost. For some time I have wanted to create a studio space for my jewelry making. Having it in a bedroom in my house has become too much. 

At first I thought about getting a camper to convert. It was fun thinking about that but just wouldn’t work out in my backyard. Next was the idea of having a separate building… That was just too daunting to think about building from ground up. And then my dad and Bob had the best idea ever! (Sounds a little like Goldilocks! Ha!)

A little background about my Bob…  You may not know that Bob the Boyfriend is a landowner. He bought his first house in 1976, and he continued buying until he owned 4 houses and 2 townhouses all contiguous. I bought my house in 1995. Our homes are 3 houses apart, but we met in 2009 after his marriage ended. First our friendship developed. Next came romantic feelings- guess you saw that coming! I had a student ask once about where Bob lives and when I said next door, she said, “That’s a blessing.” And I agree that he is a blessing. 

Now, how does this have anything to do with a new craft studio?? Well, Bob has offered the townhouse next to my house as a space for my studio. Can you believe it?!? Already built! Running water! Electricity! 

There will be some work. We have stored some things that will have to be moved. But that will be nothing!! Sometimes things seem too good to be true. But with Bob that’s not the case. He is good, and he is true. As my friends all say, he’s a keeper. And I’m keeping him! 

Thanks for reading – hope not too sappy.  🙂 

These are some of my favorite ideas to organize my studio. 

P.S. Don’t you like the name She Shack in response to Man Cave?! I do. 


2 thoughts on “My Future “She Shack” Studio 

  1. Loved the “sappy” story as to how you and Bob met! Didn’t get to visit with him much at the time of your mom’s funeral, but could see he was a keeper and so helpful to the family. What an ideal situation for your “She Shack” location! Will love to see your ideas to set it up. I plan to wall off one stall of our 3 car garage, insulate, and redo walls so I can work on projects with a heater/ac in it year round. Can’t wait! New garage doors are already ordered. Can’t wait to see all your creations! Have fun!!


  2. Yep, Bob is a keeper and he’s blessed to have YOU! Love the She Shack! You know I’m here to help with anything!


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