Pinterest Plate — Success!

platesAt my school when teachers leave, a peer-teacher is asked to give them a sendoff on the last day. After working with a science teacher for 10 years, I wanted to do something special and creative. Enter Pinterest… those 12k posts better be good for something!! Find me and follow = Caren withaC 

I started with a plate from the Dollar Tree. I wanted the plate to be personalized for the teacher, and that meant his name in the center. I used Microsoft word art to create the design.

Plates 2Now, how did I get so balanced and centered on the plate? First, I covered the back with pencil graphite. When I aligned the word art on the plate, I simply traced over the letters. This created a faint line to use Sharpies to cover.

Next, I had other teachers write personal goodbyes on the plate. [I made sure to balance the plate with blue and black writing.] 

Now with fingers crossed, it was time to bake the plate. Directions on Pinterest ranged from 250o to 350o and 10 minutes to 30… I decided to go high.

I placed the plate in the center of the cold oven [this precaution should keep the plate from cracking due to heat shock].  I set the oven to 350o and waited until it reached temperature; then I set the timer for 30 minutes. So far, so good.

My big mistake – I was too anxious… When the plate was still warm, I tested the marker – it could be wiped away. Oh no! All that work… But did I give up??? Me?? No way! My next decision was to start over with another 30 minutes. This time I left the plate in the oven over night to cool down. When I checked it in the morning, I could not wipe the writing away. SUCCESS!  

 Now, I don’t know if the plate is dishwasher machine washable. My directions were to hand wash the plate. I guess next time I’m planning on baking, I will write on the bottom of one of my plates to test the durability. I’ll update you when I complete my test. Thanks for reading.


A Birthday + Friends + Pinterest = A SURPRISE or Two…

Well, my other posts will have to wait… I have an upcoming plate that I personalized with Sharpies and a fiesta surprise party I gave. But that will be later because now I must tell of the surprise party given for MY birthday.

Since a surprise party was brewing, a theme had to be devised. And what a theme! My favorite pass time – Pinterest!

IMG_6982I entered the restaurant, and I saw 11350549_10207178359203528_2219307852944604043_nred balloons and a group of my friends wearing RED. All had Pinterest name tags with their use [or no use – now how could that be??!!??]. IMG_6985Well, since I love all of Pinterest, what more could I say than “Everything” and 11 K-the number of postings I thought I had [in actuality I  have 12 K].  (Yes, please follow me –  )


I received the coolest apron to wear. And of course with 11114024_10207178359443534_3207556444356567154_na Pinterest party you have to have a craft and craft we did. Glass ornaments were decorated with Sharpies to commemorate the day. I will be hanging them in IMG_6987my new studio – maybe along the staircase railing.

pin group

I do love my Pinterest! And I do love my friends. 11059611_10207178361083575_7107099556802422040_nThey really know me. I really love them and I love that they love me too!  It was funny when I read this sign. I was compelled to admit that I did save paper rolls – a bag of  them in the attic. 10355887_10207178358643514_5826355140019599807_nThey say confession is good for the soul but that’s not the reaction I got!!

I look forward to updating this posting with extra pictures when I get them. This time my friends CREATED a spectacular surprise for me! Thanks to my friends for the party and to you for reading.

My Personal Reflection – When you areIMG_6921 like me, the kind of person who is always ready to help others, it is a strange sensation to be on the receiving end.  Quite a shock to the system. Maybe that’s why in that surreal moment of surprise I was so in touch with another surreal moment – the moment the doctors told my family and me that my mother was going to die. So if any of my friends noted a faraway look in me that was it.  I was again connecting with her.