To Prune Away!

prune – verbprunedShrub
: to cut off some of the branches of (a tree or bush) so that it will grow better or look better

: to reduce (something) by removing parts that are not necessary or wanted

Pruning is one of the many things my mother taught me. We both enjoyed the process of cutting away the unnecessary and bringing out the balanced shape of the tree or bush.

I spent Monday and Wednesday doing just that – pruning bushes and trees. That might not seem like much… a little bit of yardwork??

Well, I have not done any work outside since the fall of 2013. [Luckily Bob the boyfriend took care of the oak leaves.]

Grief is a terrible thing. My mother’s death on February 17, 2014, put a dead end in my life since that day. [Don’t stop reading, I promise this ends in a positive way.]

After a week of 100o days, Monday was a very pleasant 90 and I was called outdoors. That’s what it took… a calling. I was ready to move forward. It felt right. With each branch pruned away, the bush looked more alive, and I felt it too. I was even closer to my mom.

My grief has been a long journey – one that is not over – one that will be endless as that was my love for her. But, I don’t have to live with that dead end anymore.  I have pruned away my dead creating room for new growth.

Sorry for the recent disappearance.  Soon there will be a posting of the new craft studio – more boxes to unpack. Also, I am planning to create a Wednesday posting called Humorous Humpday. Look for that next week.


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