Get the Job Done!

That’s what I believe – Get the Job Done! Well, for as long as I can stay focused on the job! 😉

Bob the boyfriend is one of those guys who own every tool made. Therefore he believes when you do a job you must have the proper tool.  Even if it takes 20 minutes to find the proper tool, you must have the tool. NOT my motto!

In my craft studio – yes, it’s almost ready to show – I wanted to hang a window treatment that Bob found. Of course my window was not the same size, so some adjustments needed to be made. Following Bob’s motto, I would have had to take scissors and trim the ends and stitch the ends closed. Then the right hardware would have to be found to hang the valance. Too time consuming! I wanted to get the job done.

Because I was focused and wanted to get the job done, I had to think what I had to easily fix the problems.  I thought about my T-pins – long and definitely sturdy. Not only was I able to shorten the valance, IMG_5610I was also able to hang it. [Part of the hardware was missing and I didn’t want to mar the walls or wood trim.]IMG_5609

To hang the valance, I used the T-pins instead of screws or nails. There is often a gap between the wall and the window trim. I was able to use the pin to slide in the gap and hang the fabric. 19924517936_69cfcf7332_o

In  very short time, I was able to Get the Job Done! FullSizeRender


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