I have been creative, crafty, and artistic all my life. Some may even say with a flair for the dramatic… ask my sixth graders! 
After my mother’s death February 17, 2014, I took a hiatus… Life for me lost most of its focus… its beauty… its meaning. And then as the earth entered its spring, so did I. Remembering how much my mom liked telling people her daughter made and sold earrings made her happy. So I entered my craft room renewed. 
I started my venture into jewelry making with mascot earrings for my school. One spark – that’s what it took. I slowly built my skill and my inventory. I started my little business with the name Accoutrements (additional items of dress). Later I added the Withac Collection – see my name is Caren with a C. A sales lady thought that was my last name… Withac! 
After selling jewelry at school and a few craft fairs, now it’s time to open a store – something my mother always figured since she gave me super camera for Christmas. Special thanks to my sister Cathy for her encouragement, my dad for his proud excitement, my niece Meghan for her ear, my boyfriend Bob for his support, you for dropping in… and to my mom who I will never stop missing. 

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