🐫 Humorous Humpday 🐪

I have seen this comic before, but I find it hilarious every time I see it.
old 11

That blasted hearing loss sure makes a good joke.
old 22

My brother has always wondered about the moving of tattoos…
old 23

And never forget that a woman scorned can be dangerous no matter the age.
old 44

old 33


🐫 Humorous Humpday 🐪

Sex can be a funny topic. Well, it can be! At least in these comics they are.

First, you have to remember what it’s all about as in these two comics.old sex 3old 3

I guess in old age some women become very territorials… [I had a great aunt – Auntie Ann – who always had a boyfriend who could drive.]
old sex 2As  with  all aging, it’s the hearing that seems to go first!
old sex 1 old sex 4

🐫 Humorous Humpday 🐪

Well, thankfully I am on my way to becoming an elder citizen!  So I don’t think it’s disrespectful for this humorous focus.

I have to say this is my dad and Bob the boyfriend’s aging problem! Not really that funny when I have to repeat myself over and over and over.old 5

Of course than this seems to be everyone’s problem old and young… I know it plagues me sometimes!

old 2

I have seen something similar to this before, but I like the recliner.
old 6Now between these two, someone’s getting smacked!!!
old 8old 7