When You Use a Computer to Paint…

We had a baby shower for a coworker this week. I wanted to add a little creative touch to the cupcakes. Of course I could have bought some Dollar Tree topper, but why do that when I could create my own.

The invitation was my starting point. (No, I didn’t do this; a talented coworker did.) 

I used the app Aviary to blur the names and then focus in on the picture.
   First I isolated the flower with the bee. This was done by cropping to the flower and therefore eliminating the rest of the invitation.  Next I had to open the program Paint. It’s on most computers, but there are probably smart apps that could be used. I was using a computer.  


Paint was used to erase away all the gray around the flower. Next all I had to do was copy and paste the flower again and again. Using a circle punch would have been ideal. Sadly, I couldn’t find my circle punch, so I had to cut each out by hand. 

Since we were showering a baby girl, I needed more pink. Enter my collection of paper straws (eBay-free shipping) and the assembly can begin. I cut the straws into thirds. The straw was glued between gold card stock paper and the flower.   

Now they were ready for their debut. Cute, coordinated, and of course, creative! Thanks for reading.