Get the Job Done!

That’s what I believe – Get the Job Done! Well, for as long as I can stay focused on the job! 😉

Bob the boyfriend is one of those guys who own every tool made. Therefore he believes when you do a job you must have the proper tool.  Even if it takes 20 minutes to find the proper tool, you must have the tool. NOT my motto!

In my craft studio – yes, it’s almost ready to show – I wanted to hang a window treatment that Bob found. Of course my window was not the same size, so some adjustments needed to be made. Following Bob’s motto, I would have had to take scissors and trim the ends and stitch the ends closed. Then the right hardware would have to be found to hang the valance. Too time consuming! I wanted to get the job done.

Because I was focused and wanted to get the job done, I had to think what I had to easily fix the problems.  I thought about my T-pins – long and definitely sturdy. Not only was I able to shorten the valance, IMG_5610I was also able to hang it. [Part of the hardware was missing and I didn’t want to mar the walls or wood trim.]IMG_5609

To hang the valance, I used the T-pins instead of screws or nails. There is often a gap between the wall and the window trim. I was able to use the pin to slide in the gap and hang the fabric. 19924517936_69cfcf7332_o

In  very short time, I was able to Get the Job Done! FullSizeRender


🐫 Humorous Humpday 🐪

Well, thankfully I am on my way to becoming an elder citizen!  So I don’t think it’s disrespectful for this humorous focus.

I have to say this is my dad and Bob the boyfriend’s aging problem! Not really that funny when I have to repeat myself over and over and over.old 5

Of course than this seems to be everyone’s problem old and young… I know it plagues me sometimes!

old 2

I have seen something similar to this before, but I like the recliner.
old 6Now between these two, someone’s getting smacked!!!
old 8old 7

🐫 Humorous Humpday 🐪

I would have to say that The Big Bang Theory is my favorite TV show. I can and do watch episodes over and over. So in tribute to my favorite show,  today’s jokes are dedicated to Sheldon Cooper.

One could not say that Sheldon is not self-assured! 

Of course everyone  seems to have one Achilles heal…

Tis a good reason to  cry – or bang your head against a wall!  

As if this is a proper assurance!

Now this was a funny episode. Fighting for a parking place when you can’t even drive a car!

And finally a compilation…

🐫 Humorous Humpday 🐪

Did you know that commas could be funny?

Well, I guess I mean that the incorrect use of commas can be funny!

I have these two in my classroom.

You can use commas unconventionally and imitate Christopher Walken or William Shatner…

Now you can even imitate Yoda.

Get ready for disgusting!

This might be a limited group!I guess Rachel Ray can’t be blamed for this comma mistake, but I couldn’t help being grossed out.

Saved for last – pretty clever comma comments! 

To Prune Away!

prune – verbprunedShrub
: to cut off some of the branches of (a tree or bush) so that it will grow better or look better

: to reduce (something) by removing parts that are not necessary or wanted

Pruning is one of the many things my mother taught me. We both enjoyed the process of cutting away the unnecessary and bringing out the balanced shape of the tree or bush.

I spent Monday and Wednesday doing just that – pruning bushes and trees. That might not seem like much… a little bit of yardwork??

Well, I have not done any work outside since the fall of 2013. [Luckily Bob the boyfriend took care of the oak leaves.]

Grief is a terrible thing. My mother’s death on February 17, 2014, put a dead end in my life since that day. [Don’t stop reading, I promise this ends in a positive way.]

After a week of 100o days, Monday was a very pleasant 90 and I was called outdoors. That’s what it took… a calling. I was ready to move forward. It felt right. With each branch pruned away, the bush looked more alive, and I felt it too. I was even closer to my mom.

My grief has been a long journey – one that is not over – one that will be endless as that was my love for her. But, I don’t have to live with that dead end anymore.  I have pruned away my dead creating room for new growth.

Sorry for the recent disappearance.  Soon there will be a posting of the new craft studio – more boxes to unpack. Also, I am planning to create a Wednesday posting called Humorous Humpday. Look for that next week.

Pinterest Plate — Success!

platesAt my school when teachers leave, a peer-teacher is asked to give them a sendoff on the last day. After working with a science teacher for 10 years, I wanted to do something special and creative. Enter Pinterest… those 12k posts better be good for something!! Find me and follow = Caren withaC 

I started with a plate from the Dollar Tree. I wanted the plate to be personalized for the teacher, and that meant his name in the center. I used Microsoft word art to create the design.

Plates 2Now, how did I get so balanced and centered on the plate? First, I covered the back with pencil graphite. When I aligned the word art on the plate, I simply traced over the letters. This created a faint line to use Sharpies to cover.

Next, I had other teachers write personal goodbyes on the plate. [I made sure to balance the plate with blue and black writing.] 

Now with fingers crossed, it was time to bake the plate. Directions on Pinterest ranged from 250o to 350o and 10 minutes to 30… I decided to go high.

I placed the plate in the center of the cold oven [this precaution should keep the plate from cracking due to heat shock].  I set the oven to 350o and waited until it reached temperature; then I set the timer for 30 minutes. So far, so good.

My big mistake – I was too anxious… When the plate was still warm, I tested the marker – it could be wiped away. Oh no! All that work… But did I give up??? Me?? No way! My next decision was to start over with another 30 minutes. This time I left the plate in the oven over night to cool down. When I checked it in the morning, I could not wipe the writing away. SUCCESS!  

 Now, I don’t know if the plate is dishwasher machine washable. My directions were to hand wash the plate. I guess next time I’m planning on baking, I will write on the bottom of one of my plates to test the durability. I’ll update you when I complete my test. Thanks for reading.

A Birthday + Friends + Pinterest = A SURPRISE or Two…

Well, my other posts will have to wait… I have an upcoming plate that I personalized with Sharpies and a fiesta surprise party I gave. But that will be later because now I must tell of the surprise party given for MY birthday.

Since a surprise party was brewing, a theme had to be devised. And what a theme! My favorite pass time – Pinterest!

IMG_6982I entered the restaurant, and I saw 11350549_10207178359203528_2219307852944604043_nred balloons and a group of my friends wearing RED. All had Pinterest name tags with their use [or no use – now how could that be??!!??]. IMG_6985Well, since I love all of Pinterest, what more could I say than “Everything” and 11 K-the number of postings I thought I had [in actuality I  have 12 K].  (Yes, please follow me –  )


I received the coolest apron to wear. And of course with 11114024_10207178359443534_3207556444356567154_na Pinterest party you have to have a craft and craft we did. Glass ornaments were decorated with Sharpies to commemorate the day. I will be hanging them in IMG_6987my new studio – maybe along the staircase railing.

pin group

I do love my Pinterest! And I do love my friends. 11059611_10207178361083575_7107099556802422040_nThey really know me. I really love them and I love that they love me too!  It was funny when I read this sign. I was compelled to admit that I did save paper rolls – a bag of  them in the attic. 10355887_10207178358643514_5826355140019599807_nThey say confession is good for the soul but that’s not the reaction I got!!

I look forward to updating this posting with extra pictures when I get them. This time my friends CREATED a spectacular surprise for me! Thanks to my friends for the party and to you for reading.

My Personal Reflection – When you areIMG_6921 like me, the kind of person who is always ready to help others, it is a strange sensation to be on the receiving end.  Quite a shock to the system. Maybe that’s why in that surreal moment of surprise I was so in touch with another surreal moment – the moment the doctors told my family and me that my mother was going to die. So if any of my friends noted a faraway look in me that was it.  I was again connecting with her.